Monday, July 13, 2015



It is not a time to stay still or stay stagnant. I say advance and take the new ground I have given to you. Yes, there is a fight over it. Yes, it comes with great tribulation, but in the tribulation and through it, my overcoming power will be seen in you and through you.

You must arise and shine now. This is your moment to embrace all that I have had planned for you from the beginning of time. Don't sit back. Don't relax, advance forward.

My creative ways are before you. I have made ways for you where there were no ways. All I ask is that you seek me with your whole heart, wait upon my instructions, and then move at the sound of the trumpet I will blast in your heart so you know, NOW IS THE TIME!

My Bride, My full grown Sons, are battle ready, and they are about to receive the secrets and the mysteries of the Kingdom of God and all I am about to do upon the Earth. I said, "I would not do anything upon the Earth until I first reveal it my prophets."

You are my prophets, my sons and daughters, you are my beloved's and it is my hearts longing to reveal in you my Kingdom. It has been 2000 years that I have waited to work fully my kingdom life in yours. As you allow me to manifest my life through your life the Kingdoms of this Earth shall become the Kingdoms of our God.

This is glory the Father gave me to give to you, that as He and I are one, that you and Us would be one. Me in Him, Him in Me, and Us in you and you in us. The day of my Glory has come. You are going to arise with healing in your wings as my judgments get released upon the Earth through you and through my angelic host who are now poised and ready.

Hold unto nothing and get yourself ready. Arose yourself for this moment in history. It is time to Advance forward? You will not be defeated because I have won the victory for you, and now I you will see I have won the battle in you and through you. All of creation is about to behold my glory to be seen in you my saints, my loves, my beloved.

Advance, wait for my instruction but than advance, the time for the overcoming Kingdom of God to be seen upon the Earth is here and now. Advance I say Advance.

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