Sunday, July 12, 2015

The moment is here: The highway of holinesss is before you!

 A Highway called Holiness

The time to be Holy as I am Holy is here. No more can the mixture stay in my people. I have come to finish the purifying process in your heart. To those who are yielding to me I am changing them from water to wine.

My bride will not be lukewarm. My full grown sons will not have divided hearts. They will have a single eye for me and me alone. They will have doves eyes. They will be leaping with me upon my mountain of spices. They are now arising and coming away with me into the sweet abiding of my presence.

Let go of everything. Let go of your life as you have known it to be. Let go of your thinking that has been damaged by the patterns of this world, and come and take my hand to lift you out of the religious into the Kingdom. What is here for you that is better than my Kingdom and it’s glory?

Do you now understand no “flesh can glory” in My sight. Your “righteousness was’ and still is but filthy rags to me. Why are you kicking my beloved? Why do you consider bringing a stubborn and rebellious heart into my chambers? Will you not allow me to move the last vestiges of hurts from your heart? When will you trust me completely? Where have I ever failed you? When did my love run out for you? What are you afraid of? There is not one thing hidden that shall not be revealed.

My greatest need is for you to become transparent like the sea of glass before my throne. Only in transparency can I increase in your life. Stubbornness, bitterness, un-forgiveness, judgments and criticisms after the flesh are a stench in my nostrils. For I have commanded you to love one another as I have loved you. That which is not full of my love is sin and darkness. That which is not of faith of sin. Perfect love casts out all fear.

I am here to reveal my pure Holy love in you. I want to invade your very being and I must finish my course. I have come on the third day to finish my course. Will you let me? Will you surrender to the full breaking that is necessary for my kingdom life to be seen in you and through you.

There are not two wills in my kingdom. There are no divided hearts in my kingdom. There is no double-mindedness in my kingdom. There is no stress in my kingdom. There is no impatience in my kingdom. My Kingdom is within you. Don’t you believe it? Everything opposing you and bringing you out of my peace is not my kingdom, but the kingdom of darkness you are allowing to operate through you.

You must come up higher. You must go deeper into the depth of my love so I can lift you up on Eagles wings. This is the day I am teaching you to run and not grow weary and to walk and not faint. Do you want to live the lesser life of religious ways, or the Higher life of the true Spiritual life found in me? Will you come out from amongst them and separate yourself from the unclean things so I can receive you?

What will it be my beloved? Will you allow me to finish my course in you? Will you continue to fight against my finishing work. I didn’t die to make you comfortable, I died to make you Holy. BE Holy as i am Holy and walk before me. The comfort the false messengers bring is to deceive you away from the true holiness that I have to work in thees. These false messages of fake grace take you away from my Holiness.

Please remember my words that you are a chosen generation and a royal priest hood, and a Holy Nation. Pursue peace with all men and HOLINESS for without such no man shall see GOD!

Beloved’s run to me while there is still time. Let me see into the depth of you, and you then can see into the depth of me. That is what abiding is. That is what true intimacy is. Transparency is all my kingdom is made of, for the more you become transparent the more My Glory shall fill your heart. The more transparent and empty you become the more my Glory shall be seen upon you.

So hear my voice, my sheep, and follow me, i am walking on the highway of holiness few will travel upon. Will you take the shoes off your feet and walk on this road, for this road you are on now is my Highway of Holiness. On it you will be made whole and complete as a Bride and a full grown Son. So take your shoes off. Lay down your religious understanding of my kingdom and my ways, and let me teach and reveal to you all things in the power of my Holy Spirit.

I am here.. a highway has been made in the wilderness…. a highway of holiness…. who will find  and walk on it’s path.

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